Akashic Records

If you could gain helpful information about yourself that you could then use to empower you, and live out your best possible life, then wouldn’t you do it?

Akashic records were once only available to mystics, sages and chosen ones but as time has moved on, and especially as we entered into the ‘Information Age’, we now more than ever need to connect back to ourselves, back to source. As a result, the records became available to all that are ready to seek answers and their truth.

Described as a ‘library’, ‘filing cabinet’, ‘book of life’, ’a compendium of universal life’, a ’record of the souls journey through the infinite’, the concept of the Akasha can be overwhelming so I leave it to my masters to give a simplified explanation;

‘Every thought or action you have taken in your life whether it be past present or future is recorded or imprinted in an energetic way that can be accessed or read. By reading these records you are able to make any positive changes in this moment of time and use it to empower your journey in this lifetime’.

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