My First Akashic Experience

Anyone can read their akashic records, whether through meditation or healing modalities like Reiki that take you to that mediative state or through a simple but most effective prayer.

It took me a long time to realise that it was my akashic guides coming through to me during my reiki session to tell me I had cancer. Mainly because, at the time, I had never even heard of the Akasha. I had only picked my Reiki back up after a 17 year hiatus on a whim. I had blocked the intuition for so many years and was reintroduced to my spiritual side at a frightening speed.

Finding the Akashic records was divine timing, I was about to go through what most people view as one of the most difficult and challenging times but I understand now I needed to go through it. Leaving me to my own devices was not working out too well for my future. (Click here to read more about my intuition wake up call).

A simple search to look for a crystal infused bottle (that I had seen a random stranger carrying in the street 2 years prior), took me to a website offering classes the very week I was looking for a distraction. I tried reading about the Akasha on Wikipedia but it made no sense to me so I just signed up without really thinking – at this stage if my head was telling me to do something I just did it.

So, after a weekend of learning (and pretending I knew anything about past lives, karma and karmic contracts, higher selves etc.) I came away with a prayer that enabled me to talk directly to my masters and a bank of questions that would help me start my journey.

Most people who do this are at a more advanced stage of their spiritual learning. They are ready to learn what their life purpose is, what past lives have led them to this current incarnation including any contracts they have made in past lives that have been brought forward to this life and what they can do to ascend. I just wanted to take my mind off a week of very urgent messages I had been receiving. I started diligently opening my records wondering if it was my crazy imagination or some wonderful connection.

Even through my medical treatment I wasn’t sure if any of it was real but, what I did know, was that I was mentally much stronger having the records open and having that voice guide and reassure me. I honestly never feared my outcome because the same voice in my head telling me I had cancer was the same voice telling me I would be fine and it was a journey I had to go through.

I’m not going to lie, I had some hits and misses as I tried to use the Akashic as a fortune telling service (it’s not). You don’t suddenly lose a fear of cancer. Although I believe the theory of a ‘soul using a human vessel’, I am still very much human with as many weaknesses as the next person.

Vague questions yield vague answers and if you are not ready to know the answer they simply won’t tell you. You have to believe everything is for your highest good.