Akashic Questions

These are just examples to help you come up with your own questions that are relevant to you right now.

Life Questions

What is my purpose in life?
This is the question everyone wants to know but it might not be obvious to you right now or you may not be ready to know. If you dont get an answer you can try and ask in a different way.

Is there anything holding me back right now, stopping me from achieving my life purpose?

If you get an answer, you can then ask: How can I clear this?

What are the vicious cycles and habits in my life right now?
What can I do to break these cycles and habits?
What do I have to do to be able to fully enjoy life
Is there anything I need to know?

Negative thoughts/patterns Questions

Spoiler title
This might not be as obvious as you think and it may go deeper than ‘spiders’ or ‘clowns’ – yes these used to both be mine!

Can you show me how and when this fear began?

What can I do to remove this fear?

What do I criticise?
Why do I do this?

Life Developement Questions

What are my strengths/weaknesses?
How can I improve my weaknesses?

What are my gifts?
How can I use these gifts?

Health Questions

Am I looking after myself?
What can I do to better look after myself?
Am I holding any emotion in my body?
How can I release this?
Am I holding on to any belief systems that are affecting my health?
Why do I have this belief system?

Is there anything I should be looking out for?

Past Life Questions

Can you show me a lifetime that is directly impacting this life?
Was I happy/sad?

Is there a lesson I need to learn from that lifetime?”

Career Questions

Am I on the right career path?
What gifts/skills can I use to advance my current career?