Spiritual Path

My Spiritual path actually began back in my teenage years, I was fascinated with energies, healing, crystals and mediumship but it wasn’t until I was 21 that I went on my first Reiki Course. Taught very differently now, the rigid methods soon meant that I stopped using the reiki and practiced it casually at best.

I was scared of a lot of things growing up, I was very jumpy and would have vivid dreams. I realise now that I was suppressing my intuition.

I could no longer ignore when I heard my own voice tell me I had cancer. I was fit, healthy and happy and had absolutely no reason to believe that I could have an illness as serious as cancer.

I am still learning when my conscious thoughts kick in and when it is my intuition talking. The thought that I had cancer was so loud it was like a sledge hammer but I question other subtle thoughts