Yoga is something I have always wanted to get into but working all hours and only having weekends to spare back home, it was never an option. Over here, Yoga is definitely a thing, so much so that the nearest fitness centre is a Yoga centre. Therefore I had no excuse but to join up and start my 12 month mission to become a yoga goddess. It has stared well, I have been to thee classes this week and to classes I never knew existed. Hatha was my first session (think steady flowing movement and postures) and I have to say, for a beginners class, they expect you to have prior knowledge and experience of yoga, fortunately for me, I had had a few classes but I was still a few poses away from collapsing in a sweaty heap. I chose yin yoga for my second class believing it to be an easy class of floor stretching, even when reading the description I was lulled into a false sense of security, it turns out that stretching in a position for 3-5 minutes hurts, and leads to a potential situation of getting stuck in the posture (I have done the pigeon pose before, it’s just unfortunate that my knees and hips decided to give up on me in protest of having to stay still for so long). Deciding that the worst possible scenario had already happened, I went the whole hog and booked myself into Hot Classic, despite starting at a sweltering 41 degrees, I too was surprised that I managed to successfully complete the class without passing out or making a fool of myself in front of everyone. If you don’t count breaking out into a itchy heat rash half way through……I am still scratching 24 hours later.