Do not underestimate how important having a familiar base is. A place to call home where you have your own space to chill, eat bad while food lying on the sofa in your underpants (although make sure your neighbours can’t see you, turns out being naked in your own home is a criminal offence in Singapore- no, I did not learn this through personal experience) watch TV, nap or just unwind at the end of your day.

My only regret is not bringing more personal items from home. Granted, we didn’t have much time, we hadn’t unpacked from our last house move and we couldn’t really see beyond getting out here but prioritising towels over the play station 3 might have been a good start!

So now we have the ‘don draper’ apartment and all new furniture to match. I don’t think I did a bad job having only seen the apartment twice and possessing no measurements, matts certainly happy with his chair (I think I created a monster). I’m glad we didn’t bring our own furniture, it would have got ruined in the humidity and certainly wouldn’t fit. I also think the house hunting would have been difficult and solely based around finding an area to fit the sofa.