Relocating, no matter where you are moving to is stressful. Finding accommodation, crappy landlords (thats another story), arranging new banks, utilities, phones, shipping, finding furniture, learning where to food shop without spending a fortune, finding where to eat and drink all needs to be done -its no wonder one month in and I have already been struct down with a stomach bug. The difference here is that living in 80% humidity means that no eating means no going outside unless you want to feel like you have the worst hangover ever.

That aside, we have been pretty busy this month. I had my first Chinatown meal (think takeaway but no synthetic taste), I went to Yoga class, group Reiki, walk 14km round MacRitchie Reservoir and Matt did the one thing he couldn’t do back home – got me to an Arsenal football match!


Some ones happy!

Some ones happy!

Hopefully this weekend will see us picking up keys to the new pad (The Don Draper one).

On reflection I am ready to leave our temporary accommodation Tree Tops. It has been comfortable while we have been here but I am ready to move on. Staying in a hotel has made the last month feel like a holiday and it will be good to take control and get in to a regular routine. This last week has confirmed we made the right move not ┬árenting a more ‘resort’ complex as the pool has slowly gone from being a creche to a zoo. It has also confirmed that despite all my moaning, now that I don’t have to work, I need to work. I can’t be idle, I need to do something productive and be a little independent.