And after spending a very long afternoon looking at no less than 14 apartments, it possibly wasn’t found either!
Who knew that having so much choice would be just as bad as no choice. I fully admit this is a first world problem but no matter what budget you have, it is not enough to live up to your expectations.

Too high up, too low down, too crowded, too quiet, too small, too hot, too far away from the MRT, too lumpy??

When you are faced with IKEA style showroom apartments where everything is in the same room and you realise the idealic dream of own such contemporary, one of a kind cool apartment only looks good because it is in a warehouse where you have no intention of spending more than 5 minutes of your life in such a space before you get bored and move on to buy candles you don’t need but are cheap so you get them anyway!

We have narrowed it down to three flats in three completely different areas. The first apartment based in the starlight suites (and near the very desirable Robertson Quay) was lovely but just too far to a bus or mrt station for matts work, it was very small and had west facing rooms which means unbearable heat in the afternoons.


A little small with no real view or useable balcony



Amazing pool on th 15th floor


Great views from the unfortunately west facing bedroom


Spottiswoode was a development that ticked all the boxes: sea view (albeit a shipping lane), 2 massive balconies, close proximity to boat quay, china town, very good communal facilities with an infinity pool, spa pool, tepenyaki bbq area, jacuzzis over looking the city etc. it was one of the smallest apartments but the balconies would give that added floor space. However, there is a development taking place next door and although it won’t impinge on the view or the flat we were looking at, the noise would be Monday to Saturday until 7pm and as it is a high rise, the noise will only get worse as the build goes up. Having a small apartment with the balcony closed off all day would be pointless!

image image

This leaves us with one potential, not where I would want to be (Orchard Road) but it is in the prestigious area and is more central so close to everything. Being an old apartment, it is bigger than all the new developments but does not have the up to date amenities. This is Matts favourite apartment (typical Matt has gone for style and not practically- I would prefer a bit more of a reason other than it is an apartment Don Draper would have!). Fortunately we are on the same page (mostly) with what we want out of the living space.