Being that I always had a flight home in the bag for August/September, I felt I was cheating a little when I first moved to Singapore. Flying home 6 weeks after moving away was strange, especially as I flew home sans Matt. It was clear at this point that for me, Singapore had many flaws and there was no great love affair here but I was also aware that I had not given it enough time to make an educated option.
One uncomfortable 14 hour economy flight later, I found myself being driven straight to the Dunsfold Park offices to work on the build up to the Wings and Wheels air show. I would normally complain at this point but having had 6 weeks of nothing to occupy my time, human interaction and hard work was what I craved. 6 long days later, I got to see my parents who were supposed to be coming back with me but due to unforeseen circumstances were not able to fly. All parties understandably upset, I changed the rest of my plans to spend time with the folks. I managed a quick trip back to the West Country to see the in laws, grandparents and HP but sadly had to cancel the planned Banksy Dismaland outing. I don’t regret this as being with my family will always take president. The trip went so quickly, I barely had enough time to stuff the suitcase with teabags and toothpaste (price and quality surprisingly bad in Singapore). Im glad I came back as it reinforced all the things that frustrated me living in the UK, I have hurdles to overcome in Singapore but no country is perfect and I actually looked forward to giving Singapore a proper go. At the end of the day, home is now where Matt is and whether I like it or not, Matt would be in Singapore for the next 12 months.
Before I knew it I was back on a 12 hour flight back to my new home. NB if flying with Singapore Airlines in economy, I would choose the reconditioned 747 over the air bus for comfort anytime. The service and space much better.