About me

I’m Megan, I don’t know why I am writing in such a public forum when I consider myself to be a pretty private person.

I can’t offer advice because at the age of 38, Im still learning and making mistakes. I love fashion but you would be mistaken for thinking I don’t know what it is based on the fact I also love comfort, dislike shopping and I live in a hot climate so I am more often than not found in shorts and tees.

I keep meaning to concentrate on my skin care and beauty regime but I as I am typing this I noticing not one of my nails is filed smoothly (some are even scratching me where they have torn and I’ve still not bothered to get a nail file) and I have a terrible habit of rubbing my face when thinking which causes small rashes and pimples that I then try to resist picking (whilst still thinking).

I love travel but dislike having my picture taken so you will not find instagramable shots to show where I have been. I love crafts but keep forgetting to record step by step instructions when I make something.

I don’t have a product to plug and I’m not sure I have anything to say that is worth reading but if you are still here you might find something in my random ramblings that speaks to you.

Why am I doing this? I have had a few life experiences that may help other people and that would be a nice legacy to know that I’ve been able to improve someone’s life.

I am building my life back up as it were, so why not come along for the journey.